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For each survey that you complete we will enter you into a draw to win a prize. Here are just a few examples of prizes that you could win:

  • Free hotel stays
  • John Lewis vouchers
  • Hilton Honors points
  • iPads

After each survey we will let you know which member was the lucky winner of the prize draw.

Every time you complete a survey you will get a number of points.  Most surveys will give 10 points but there may be occasions when a survey is worth more – check your survey invites to find out how much each one is worth!

As you build up your points, you will rise up the levels:

§  Blue = You will start here (Prize value = £50)

§  Silver = After 50 points (Prize value = £75)

§  Gold = After 100 points (Prize value = £100)

§  Diamond = After 200 points (Prize value = £150)

As you increase, exclusive opportunities and special prizes will become available. 

Good luck in rising up the levels!  Good luck making it to Diamond and having a chance to win our best value prizes!